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DogDear Carol,
If Jake could write, he would tell you how wonderful you are, how much he adores you,
and that he feels joy and happiness whenever he’s around you.  As it is, he smiles when
you come to the door, his tail wags madly, and he runs to jump into your car knowing
that he’s about to have a marvelous vacation. I, his adoring mom, am so grateful to you
for making him feel special.

With admiration,
Ellen and Jake, Ocean Colony, Half Moon Bay

Just a quick note to thank you very much for allowing Kezia to stay with you.  
We are so happy to have her back of course, but it is such a nice feeling to know
that when we are away, we have a safe and wonderful place for her to stay.  I
am sure that she misses you and all of her new friends.  I hope to see you soon.  
Thanks again so much for everything, I really appreciate it.

Kathy and family, San Mateo

Jump“Carol has been a Godsend for me. Carol saved my new dog, Bobby’s life.
I was told by the instructor in Bobby’s group dog training class that Bobby
would have to be “put down” if he didn’t stop biting. But this instructor
didn’t give me any solutions to the problem.  I told Carol, who is Bobby’s
pet sitter, what had happened. Carol reassured me that Bobby’s problem
wasn’t that bad. Bobby just didn’t know that biting was not allowed. But,
we could teach him. All we needed was some private training lessons.
Carol worked with Bobby and me for a short time. Both Bobby and I
learned a lot. Carol was correct.
Bobby stopped biting. He also learned to let me pick up his feet and to let
me lift his tail without incident. We are so blessed to have Carol in our lives.”

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