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Carol WexlerMeet Carol Wexler,
Owner/ Operator of Animal Care Unlimited

Growing Up

My family and I are not at all alike where animal
are concerned. When I was growing up they were
interested in pretty clothes, nice furniture and new
cars. I wanted a dog and would have preferred
spending my time in a barn with horses. Unfortunately,
I was outnumbered. The rule in our house was “No pets
allowed”. My mother did break the rule once or twice
because of my persistence. She finally let me have
guppies and later she even allowed a parakeet.  Not
being a pet lover she didn't understand that a parakeet just wasn't a good substitute
for the big dog, the kitty or the horse that I dreamed about.

Moving Away from the Family Home

I finally got my first dog when I moved into my own home. Her name was Sweet pea.
A fluffy little black dog that I loved more than life it’s self. I was never without a dog
after that. Usually it was more than one dog, several cats, rabbits, a horse, even squirrels
and a great horned owl. Plus the never ending foster dogs and cats.

Before Animal Care Unlimited

During the day I had a job in an office.  To learn more about horses I took a job in the
evenings and weekends working for a horse breeder and trainer for several years.  
Through this job I met Barbara Collier O’Conner, another horse lover.

Dog Training Apprenticeship

Barbara is also a dog trainer and dog behaviorist. She is well known in Northern California
and Oregon for her work with dogs with special issues as well as aggression problems.
Barbara, always busy with these dogs, would occasionally ask me for help.  She began
teaching me to train the dogs because she felt that I had a “special way” with them.
I was thrilled when she allowed me to begin an apprentice program with her which lasted
for several years.

My First Horse

Prior to starting the dog training program I bought my first horse. He was a lovely” flea
bitten gray” whose name was Shannon. I was lucky enough to find a home with a place
to keep my new horse. There was room enough to keep other horses so I began boarding

Animal Care Unlimited-The Beginning

By this time I had a successful career with Hewlett Packard managing the U.S. Export
Licensing area in the International Division. It was a wonderful position that I worked
hard to obtain.  After 10 years I needed to make a decision about the direction of my
life. Was I going to continue with HP or with animals? There just wasn’t enough time
for both. My first love was always dogs, horses cats, any critter really. I resigned from
HP and started my own dog training/pet sitting business. This was over 23 years ago
and I never looked back.

Special Horse Facilities

Two special places I worked at as a contractor were:
The Folger Barn   http://www.parksupport.org/index.php/programs-a-projects/folger-stable 
The Woodside Horse Park    http://horsepark.org/index.php

Volunteer Work

I feel that it is important to give back whenever possible. There have been so many that
have helped me along the way. Here are a few of the organizations that I have been lucky
enough to do volunteer work for:

  • NCEFT-National Center for Equine Facilitated Therapy     http://www.nceft.org
    NCEFT improves the lives of children and adults with disabilities by providing equine-assisted
    therapy and equine assisted activities.  I was able to help the center by feeding, watering and
    preparing horses for the riders. I also acted as a side walker while the children and adults rode the
  • Woodside Library, Woodside, CA     http://www.smcl.org/
    This library is part of the San Mateo County library system. I was on the board of directors.
  • Wild Life Associates   http://www.wildlifeassociates.org
    WLA cares for non-releasable, abused, abandoned and injured wildlife. With these animals, WLA’s
    educational programs teach hundreds of thousands of students in the bay area compassion and
    empathy towards animals. I was able to help the WLA by preparing the meals for the animal and
    assist, at times, in feeding the animal.
  • Half Moon Bay Dog Park   http://dogpark.tripod.com/index.html
    The HMB Dog Park is a wonderful place to take dogs to exercise and play with other dogs off
    leash.  It is maintained and supported financially entirely by private citizens. I was on the board of
    directors for 5 years helping with maintenance, fund raising and other activities.


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